We provide services to underprivileged groups to improve their health and well-being.

What We Do

E - Likita

E-Likita is a supportive, accessible digital platform for health workers in remote clinics. It guides them in approaching a patient, taking a good history, and carrying out appropriate examinations and tests to arrive at the correct diagnosis. The development of e-Likita is supported by Grand Challenges Canada (GCC) under a grant agreement (ST-POC-2206-53654).

Primary Healthcare Services

We strive to provide basic medical care such as diagnosis, treatment, prevention of common illnesses, and immunisation services.

Health Cooperative

Our community is empowered to take control of their healthcare. Our members are patients and providers, pooling their resources for accessible, affordable, high-quality care. By working together, everyone has a voice in how our cooperative is run and the care we provide.

Telemedicine Services

By leveraging technology, connect health professionals globally and provide consultations, diagnosis and treatment to patients in underserved areas.

Women’s Health Services

Women are the backbone of every community, and their health is important too. That is why we continuously offer various women’s health services, including antenatal care, contraceptive use and education, and maternal and child health services.

What You get as a member of DechiHTF!

Membership to DHTF offers numerous benefits to all our services, including access to our diagnostic and treatment services and other bonuses such as:

  • We make quality healthcare easily accessible and provide health insurance coverage. Health centre visits by our clients
  • Home visits by our community health provide members with additional support and resources.
  • Our diagnostic and treatment services are designed to provide personalised care to our members. 
  • Our healthcare professionals use state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

Joining the DHTF means accessing a dedicated team of professionals committed to helping you and your family maintain good health. We understand the importance of personalised care and strive to give our members the support they need to lead healthy, happy lives.