Breaking Barriers, Transforming Lives: Our Journey to Remote Villages

Breaking Barriers, Transforming Lives: Our Journey to Remote Villages

We embarked on an impactful visitation to primary health care centres in five remote villages of Sardauna Local Government, Taraba State, Nigeria. The experience was an eye-opener, and we had a fantastic time. It was a moment of learning and connecting more deeply with people who benefit from primary healthcare as we shed more light on the game-changing e-Likita project. The reaction and heartfelt gratitude we got meant a lot. This is how our trip went.


Before we go on, Dechi Health Trust Fund (Dechi-HTF) is a grassroots organisation committed to breaking barriers to healthcare access for underserved populations in remote rural areas. We believe in affordability, equity, and delivering high-quality services that make a difference. Our offerings include primary healthcare, telemedicine, health education, outreach, and women’s health services.


The warmth and embrace from the chiefs and community leaders of Chana, Kabri, Moyo Ndaga, Nguroje, Kakara, and Ngubin resonated deeply with us. They welcomed our innovative ideas and pledged their unwavering support, recognising the importance of accessible healthcare for their communities. This visitation served as a powerful catalyst for collaboration and paved the way for a promising future in these remote areas.


One of our primary objectives during the visitation was to assess, supervise, and distribute equipment for the E-Likita project. E-Likita is a groundbreaking digital platform designed to support health workers in remote clinics. It empowers them with the guidance needed to approach patients, gather comprehensive medical histories, conduct thorough examinations and tests, and ultimately arrive at accurate diagnoses. By equipping primary healthcare centres with E-Likita, we are arming healthcare providers in these remote areas with invaluable resources and tools that significantly enhance the quality of care they deliver. Do you want to know more? Watch this video 


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the chiefs, primary health care centre providers, everyone who welcomed us during the visitation, and our exceptional team members. Your unwavering support and commitment to our mission are the driving forces behind achieving sustainable healthcare improvements in these communities.


While we celebrate our progress, we acknowledge that much work lies ahead to fulfil our vision of becoming the leading provider of affordable, equitable, high-quality healthcare services. Leveraging innovative initiatives like the e-Likita project, we are confident in our ability to bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility and transform the lives of underserved populations.


Join us in our mission to make healthcare accessible to all! Together, we can create lasting change and improve lives. 



The Journey of Bringing Healthcare to Remote Communities


We embarked on an incredible journey, reaching five remote villages in Taraba, Nigeria: Chana, Kabri, Moyo Ndaga, Nguroje, Kakara, and Ngubin. The warm welcome from chiefs and community leaders showed us the immense value of accessible healthcare in these areas.


During our visit, we assessed primary healthcare centres and ensured they were equipped to provide quality services. Our game-changing E-Likita project empowered health providers with telemedicine capabilities, enabling consultations, diagnoses, and treatment even in remote locations.


A heartfelt shout-out to the chiefs, health care providers, and our fantastic team members for their unwavering support. You are instrumental in our mission to achieve sustainable healthcare improvements. But our vision continues.


We strive to become the leading affordable, equitable, high-quality healthcare provider. By leveraging innovative initiatives like e-Likita, we will bridge the gap and transform the lives of underserved populations.


Join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can create lasting change and make healthcare accessible to all. 


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